Bright Futures - Kindergarten Prep Preschool
Welcome to Bright Futures - Dreams begin here!
             608 Kentucky Street  Bakersfield,  CA 93305
Every child deserves a great start in school and in life.  Here at Bright Futures  we offer children a curriculum designed to help children expand their sense of wonder into life skills.  We use a play based curriculum to prepare children for kindergarten and life.  A child who starts school with a strong self-esteem and skill set develops a positive sense of education and a love for learning that is life long.
At Bright Futures we work to unlock your child's potential through a creative, unique and diverse curriculum designed to prepare the children for their pre-kindergarten milestones.  With the new transitional kindergarten programs and testing children for kindergarten placement, it is now more important than ever to have your child being cared for in an environment that prepares them for the school system.  
California First Five has shown that a child's brain grows and develops rapidly during the early years - more than any other time in life.  Our program is designed for maximum impact to help every child achieve their fullest potential.  Developing a sense of self esteem and confidence during this time is essential.  Exposing children to a varied, stimulating, and interactive environment during this development is critical.  We offer a controlled, nurturing, social setting in which children can experiment, play, and grow with guidance and direction.
Please call (661) 374-1000 or (661) 631-5555 for more information.